Hey! My name is Ben, I am a very proud father to my 4 year old son, Harrison. We live in Cheshire where we are fortunate enough to be close enough to the beautiful cities of Liverpool and Manchester yet surrounded by beautiful countryside and farms.

Harrison spends most of his time living with his mum so we really try to make the most of the time we get to spend together.

Harrison is an outdoors kid, he loves animals and bugs. We often go to the local zoo or farm, the park or forest. Harrison has recently discovered YouTube on his tablet which he can spent forever watching the most random videos.

With the start of school looming upon us, I need to really focus on education and helping him engage with academic challenges. I wasn’t much of a reader as a child but Harrison has had a fascination with books his whole life and I want to be a part of this rewarding aspect of his life.

I really hope you take something away from this site, weather that is just enjoyable reading, ideas, inspiration or some decent savings.

The links in this site are what will keep this project possible so it is genuinely appreciated that you use them. Posts and links however will be based on honest feedback and researched to make sure they are sending you to respected sites which offer a competitive price and not based on any personal gain.